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Big Chief meat snacks are manufactured in our plant located at 3900 52nd Ave N.E. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. is a family owned and operated company that is proud to be Canadian.

All Big Chief meat snacks are made with 100% Canadian beef.

Our meat snacks are different than “whole-muscle products” as they are chopped, formed, and carefully tended during the curing process to ensure each portion maintains our signature full-bodied flavour and soft bite that makes our snacks an easy chew for everyone. Additionally, our beef stick products are 100% Canadian beef and do not have a collagen casing which can leave an unpleasant residual aftertaste.

Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. has Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) designation that addresses food safety through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards associated with raw material procurement and production. Big Chief Meat Snacks also adheres to all Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) guidelines that are designed to protect Canadians from preventable food safety hazards, to ensure that food safety emergencies are effectively managed and that the public is aware of, and contributes to food safety. We also have SQF certification to assure buyers and customers that food has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards. For more details please see the Quality Assurance section located on the About page or visit the HACCPCFIA, or SQF websites.


Big Chief meat snacks are sold at your favorite gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, and vending machines across Canada. They are also available for purchase on our Online Store!

No, Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. is strictly a manufacturer and we do not sell our retail products out of our manufacturing facility in Calgary. We do however sell our 600g bags of ends at reception which are $30 per bag payable by Cash or E-transfer. You can also find Big Chief products at your favourite gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, and vending machines across Canada, or BUY ONLINE.

Due to our online store security measures, your order may have not been completed because of a discrepancy between the billing address you provided and the address associated with your credit card. For your order to be successfully processed please verify that the billing address you entered is, in fact, the billing address associated with the credit card you have entered. Your shipping address can be different than the billing address, no problem – the only requirement for your shipping address is that it is within Canada. If you continue to have problems, please feel free to Contact Us and we will contact you back as soon as possible to help resolve the issue you are experiencing. Thanks!

Big Chief processes your order and ships twice per week, compiled and shipped Tuesdays and Thursdays using Canada Post Expedited Shipping. Orders placed after noon on a Thursday will be shipped the following weeks Tuesday. For same week delivery, please be sure to submit your order by Tuesday before noon. Immediately after your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your order details, and then a second email with tracking information once your order is on its way. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk mail folder. For any further inquiries you have about the online store, please visit our Shipping Policy page or Contact Us.

On average you can expect your order to arrive within 7-14 business days.  This range is based on the day of the week your order was placed and where you live in Canada. You will receive email confirmation that your order has been placed immediately after check-out, and a second email that it has been completed once it has been shipped. All orders are shipped from Calgary, Alberta using Canada Post Expedited Shipping. For any further inquiries you have about the online store, please visit our Shipping Policy page or Contact Us.

The main reason why beef/meat snacks are ‘so expensive’ relative to other snack foods is due to the costs associated with producing it. At Big Chief, we are committed to using 100% quality Canadian beef. Beef has a high content of naturally occurring water, so when made into beef jerky using traditional cooking methods nearly 60% of the weight evaporates! Regarding beef specifically, the rising price of other products that have effects on the prices of beef. For example, increased demand for corn-based biofuels has caused an increase in all corn products including livestock feed prices. When prices for livestock feed rise, prices for beef increase, in turn driving up prices for meat products like beef jerky.

Big Chief is not currently sold/does not currently have distribution outside of Canada.

We value your interest in the Big Chief line of products, and encourage you to Contact Us for more information.

We do not have a promotions page but encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. You will be the first to know of any new coupons made available for our online store. We also encourage you to check out your local retailers for the latest in-store promos.


Big Chief beef sticks were introduced as the soft chew version of our beef jerky. Both products are made with the same quality beef and signature spices, but our beef sticks are cooked longer and formed into a round stick that allows for an more tender and softer chew.

Big Chief meat snacks are an excellent low calorie source of protein that also contains minerals such as iron and zinc, which play an important role in human health. To learn more about the nutritional benefits of beef/meat snacks please click “Nutritional Info” under any of our products on the Products Page.

Big Chief meat snacks DO contain small amounts of monosodium glutamate that is used to enhance and deepen the natural flavors already present, in order to create a more enjoyable taste.

All of our Beef Jerky products are gluten free!

All Big Chief meat snacks DO NOT contain, eggs, milk, mustard, peanuts, crustaceans and molluscs, fish, sesame seeds, sulphites, tree nuts or wheat and triticale. However, all our Big Chief meat snacks do CONTAIN SOY. For more information please see “Ingredients” under each of our products on the Products Page.


All Big Chief 12g, 25g, 50g and 30g products are vacuum-sealed to guarantee freshness and are shelf stable at room temperature. Big Chief 80g and 120g products are stored in modified atmosphere resealable bags to guarantee freshness and shelf stability. The best way to store all Big Chief meat snacks is sealed, at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

Big Chief meat snacks are stamped with a “use by” date and should be consumed on or before this date to ensure quality flavour and freshness.

We DO NOT recommend freezing our meat snacks, as they will stay fresh out of the freezer until the “use by” date. If you choose to put our meat snacks in the freezer, please make sure you allow them to defrost to room temperature before consuming. Please make sure you follow the proper defrost methods prior to consuming our product from its’ frozen state. Safe defrost methods can be found on the CFIA website.

If the packaging on your product has been damaged, please DO NOT consume. Please Contact Big Chief providing all the necessary product details and we will contact you as soon as possible.


For any comments or inquiries please contact us by phone (403)264-2641, or Contact Us via our general contact form.

If you have a sponsorship related inquiry, please visit our Sponsorship page and fill out an application.

If you have a comment or question about the Online Store, please send an inquiry through the Contact Page

Big Chief believes in creating relationships with our local community and is a strong supporter of various organizations across Canada. To find out more about Big Chief sponsorships please visit our Community page.


When William Klein was the master butcher of his local delicatessen, customers would come into the store and refer to him as the “The Big Chief”. Fusing both our family and company history, with the product history, we came up with the Big Chief brand name, and our signature orange and purple colors.