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Every company has a story, so what is our story?

When I was seven years old my family immigrated to Canada from Germany.  We moved to Toronto and then worked our way West until we found our home in Calgary.  We were a family of five until my little sister was born in the mid-60’s.  We had a few delicatessens before we started making beef jerky in 1971.  We sold the deli’s in the early 80’s due to the success we had selling our beef jerky.  When people used to come by our facility they always referred to my Dad, Wilhelm Klein as the “Big Chief” hence we named our product line after him.  My Dad passed away in 1977 leaving the company to my Mother, my three sisters and me to run.

Bert the Bull and Bert from Big Chief Meat Snacks

Bert the Owner (right) with Bert the Bull (left)

I am a shy, quiet and humble man, passionate about jerky.  I am the creator behind the jerky that you have enjoyed all these years and prefer the back-end production process to the front end paperwork and sales side.  I have always left that role to the powerful women in my life.  As the sole owner of the company now, I have my three daughters helping me run the company.

We keep it simple…great tasting jerky…from our family to yours for 48 years and many more to come.  BIG TASTE is what you will find from our family recipes for all your BIG ADVENTURES.  And trust me with so many women in my life…it has been full of many good times and memories!