The main reason why beef / meat snacks are ‘so expensive’ relative to other snack foods is due to the costs associated with producing it. At Big Chief we are committed to using 100% quality beef. Over the past few years the price of beef has been on the rise due to many factors! Of course there is the simple concept of supply and demand dictating prices, but there are many other factors to consider. Regarding beef specifically, the rising price of other products that have flow-through effects on the prices of beef, and unpredictable weather conditions. For example, rising oil prices have increased the demand for corn-based bio fuels, thus increasing the price of all corn products including livestock feed prices. When prices for livestock feed rise, prices for raw animal inputs increase, in turn driving up prices for meat products like beef jerky. Secondly, beef has a high content of naturally occurring water, so when made into beef jerky using traditional cooking methods nearly 60% of the weight evaporates!